The Coolest Secret iPhone Features You Need to Know

The Internet is full of sites that promise to tell you about “top secret” iPhone features. When you take the time to check some of these sites out, though, the features really are not all that “secret” after all. In fact, many of the online articles about these features pretty much teach you about basic functionalities that we all know very well by now.

Isn’t it about time someone spilled the beans on the truly secret iPhone features? As luck would have it, we have put together a list of some of the best of them. Keep on reading to find cool, hidden iPhone features and functionalities that you’d have to search through your phone for days on end to find, and you’d still need to get lucky to stumble upon some of them…

The Redial Feature

This is a basic, but one that many iPhone users are not aware of. If you press the green button on the phone’s keypad screen it will automatically dial the last number you called out to. This is a great feature to know when you are frantically trying to call in to win radio station prizes or trying your hardest to get through to a line that keeps ringing busy.

Force the TouchID to Perform Faster

To make this trick work you will have to save the same fingerprint a few times as unique entries. This allows TouchID to work a bit faster than you might be used to. If you use an iPhone 5s or iPhone 6, you’ll get a lot of use out of this tip.

Clear the Phone’s Cache

Just like cleaning up temp files helps a computer to run faster, so too cleaning out the cache helps iPhones to perform better. To do this, go into the App Store, Podcasts, Music, Game Center and Phone Apps. Then, tap on a single tab icon near the bottom of your screen ten times in a row.

Use Spotlight Math

Here is an iPhone trick for you students out there who struggle with math problems. If you have a problem you want to solve quickly you won’t even have to open the iPhone Calculator; just pull down to open Spotlight. Type your problem in there and get the answer you have been trying to reach.

Clear RAM Memory

If your iPhone has been sluggish lately, it may be time to clear out the RAM. To do this, you hold down the power button until the “Slide to power off” message appears. Immediately let go and then hold down a finger on the home button. The screen will then go completely blank and your home screen will pop up. The RAM will be cleared and the phone should be faster.

Remote Shutter

If you have headphones, use the volume up/down button on them to snap a quick photo using the remote shutter feature.

Turn the iPhone Flashlight off Quickly

iPhone users seem to always turn the flashlight on and then hate having to open the control panel to get it to turn off. Here’s a quick fix: Swipe up on the camera icon on the phone’s lock screen to turn off the flashlight in a flash!

We hope that you enjoyed learning about these top secret iPhone tips and hidden features to help you get more out of your mobile device. With more people using their phones to get online, take care of business and stay productive, it is important to learn and master every hidden feature and top secret trick that you can. Have fun mastering the things we shared with you in this article!

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